Mobile Apps: "Pizza Pizza"

In the three years since we launched the first ever pizza ordering iPhone application in Canada, the Pizza Pizza mobile portfolio has done exceptionally well – processing millions of dollars in transactions, accounting for 35% of all digital sales and driving more repeat usage than any other medium. But not only did it drive sales, repeat usage and loyalty, it provided Pizza Pizza with a tremendous amount of customer data that wasn’t previously available, including information on the customer profile, location and shopping behaviour.

It was this data that pushed forward our next phase. We saw an opportunity to use the information to optimize mobile as a channel to drive customers in-store and ultimately, achieve further growth.

Our teams met to discuss the opportunities and figure out other ways to drive sales using the data available. Our conversations led us to single out two key objectives:

•Use mobile to drive traffic in-store
•Segment users to push out personalized promotions and offers to drive sales

So, we set about to implement a custom reporting and tracking solution that would collect user information and behavior. We used geo-fencing to detect points of interest – meaning to find people who might be hungry – to push them offers and coupons. We made these offers time sensitive to drive people to add a sense of urgency and motivate customers to use them immediately. Thus far, we have planned a pilot release in one Canadian city and a roll-out strategy for the rest of Canada.

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